Chief musician to the Psalms of David, Musical Rasta Griot, Possessor of the Testimony of Yahoshua.

Educator, priest, spiritual advisor and musician, Haile brings a new and interesting perspective to the way we live and function on this planet now and into the future. His mission is to teach and preach the Nyabinghi Gospel throughout the world within the blessings of the Melchizedek Musical Ministries healing the world with herbs and music.


As founder of The Reggae Church and Absolute Truth Productions, Iyah Haile's message calls all righteous and truthful people of the earth to repent of the blasphemies and lies which have been perpetuated by English speaking peoples and euro-centric philosophies. He asks that we REPENT of the promiscuity which is promoted and glorified by all nations, blacks in particular; to REPENT of the violent acts of aggression which are promoted even to our children , and be aware of the extraterrestrial invasion which has been taking place on planet earth ever since 333 BC.

This message of repentance and hope has been delivered through lectures and musical recordings and performances worldwide. Iyah Haile has been residing in Hawaii where the Reggae Church is established, and is currently in the U.S. getting his message out.

Growing up in a West Indian immigrant family in the United States, Haile received his formal education in various disciplines including theology and music. With a scholarship to Central State University from a Ghanaian, Haile's musical adventure began. He became exposed to Reggae music, and in 1981 embraced the faith of Rastafari, and has toured worldwide and worked with such Reggae and Rastafari performers as Ras Michael and the Sons of Negus, Studio One, Black Uhuru, Earl "Chinna"Smith, and the Tuff Gong/ Marley Studio.

As an active Ambassador of Rastafari Elders maintaining the true revelation of Rastafari for coming generations, Haile says "I have been blessed to do many things, but the greater works are still ahead. I and I must prepare the righteous for Eternity, which shall come shortly after the 12/21/2012 AD phenomenon".

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True Rastafari

Love is our law.

Truth is Our Worship.

Form is Our Manifestation.

Consciousness is Our God.

Peace is Our Shelter.

Nature is Our Companion.

Order is Our Attitude.

Beauty and Perfection is Our Life.

"Ordinances of Melchizedek"

No Worry Yah Self-Just Tell The Truth
Amen: The Truth About Dec. 21, 2012 A.D.
Time...."a movement, and a rest"....Forever
-------Qabalistic Utterance-------

Contrary to popular belief, Anno Domini is an old, Roman (Latin) term signifying the "annual dominance" that these early Europeans planned to perpetuate on all non-Greco Roman soscieties. Convinced by the luciferian sages of Greece and Crete, they began architecting, or building, this present so called democracy in the forms of Christiandom and politics, along with accepted homosexuality, which we see spreading across the planet today. By massively shedding innocent blood (the Crusades and the inquisition), and forcing thier lies on all whom they encounter (Jesus the white man, son of God, versus Yahoshua the Hebrew, son of Miryiam) "they have attracted the most evil and demonic forces in our universe to our realm, the unique planet Earth". With there own descendants being "star-seeded" by extraterrestrial societies from Jupiters 13th moon, Europea, the Galactic Federation has been established on the dark side of the moon.

Sound like like a science fiction movie? Be ye not deceived: Trick-nology (nano and technology) is an alien science given to Earth's secret government in exchange for permission to randomly abduct human beings (the Epistle of Paul to Titus, chapter 1 verse 10-16).

According to our own East African archives, the 28th Lion of the House of Ori-Anu, Amen, thwarted the first recorded electron invasion, and Nibiru attempted invasion of the planet Earth (Hebrews 11:34). We, the children of Ras Tafari, are the terrestrial sons and daughters of the celestial YAHAWAH, also known as Yah-Weh, God of the Hebrews. The book of Enoch reveals the plans of the extraterrestrial "Fallen Angels" to deceive us and all, and to condemn us to their own fate/eternal death. YAHAWAH ALLAH, creator of Isis-Ra-Elohim (Israel), and father of Yahoshua Imanuel, the African, Hebrew son of Mary (Miriam) grandson of Eliakim and Hanna, is real, and true: the One True Almighty "God". I call all mankind to know the truth.Elijah must come andf revive Truth, or else the invasion will begin this year, culminating with the Orb meteor shower and the inevitable COLLISION WITH TOUTATIS AND ERETZ (Earth and the Greek meteor).

"No Worry Yah Self"

Melchizedek Musical Ministry

Behold: Elijah is here now (I Kings 18:8).


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Greetings to one and all.

Within the tradition of the house of David there exists an order of King-Preists, princes and prophets whom continually discipline themselves to heed, accept and live out the words of the Almighty. From Noah to the Nyahbinghi Order, men, women and children have represented the Word made flesh.

We live in the 21st century a world of illusion, gadjets and alien technology.

I and I, Rastafari Iyah Haile Israel, son of Charles and Prinella Brown, has been moved by the Spirit of Truth to represent the manifestation of the prophet Elijah Melchizedek. Our children and grandchildren are faced with a deception and confusion parallel only to the legends of Atlantis, and are subjected to such everyday tales of doomsday; (2012) and/or extraterrestrial invasion.
With all this in mind, and prayerfully at heart;

Iyah Haile Israel, in the spirit and power of Elijah, will begin this L.A.R.G.E. Project - not by might, nor by power, yet by the spirit and breath of the Almighty* YAHAWAH, with the use of two common symbols: the 1611 KJV Holy Bible and a banner of the Lion of Judah. AMEN. *Zacharia 4:6 KJV
Legal Authorized Rastafari Global Education. (L.A.R.G.E.) Mission Statement.

We seek to reveal, in TRUTH, LIGHT and LOVE, the salvation of all mankind: to give hope, in a seemingly hopeless world, with the good news of truth that from King Ori(4530 B.C.) to Haile Sellassie I (1974) the Lion of Judah has prevailed by "Conquering the devils with a thing called Love"...* Amen. *Bob Marley

"Give us the teachings of His Majesty..." Bob Marley "One Drop"

"My advice to all is to fulfill the 10 Commandments" quoted from The Lutheran Hour: "Christmas in Ethiopia"

"Know Thy Self" Seavton Gnothi

"The greatest thing you could know, or study is yourselves." We all have at least a higher and lower self. "To know yourselves is good; to know yourselves is better" (from the Aquarian Gospel of Jesus Christ by Levi).